Low-Fi Visibility

Certainly a campaign that will be sustained for a while. Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam launched “Stories Are Everywhere,” a massive Instagram Stories campaign – exclusively done on the Instagram App.

“Instagram is one of the most loved brands in the world, and it’s their first global campaign,” says Thierry Albert, creative director at W+K Amsterdam. “In a world full of hyperstylized communications, it felt fresh to shoot the campaign on iPhones, using only the Stories features. No cheats. No tricks. Anyone can do what we did. All you need is the Instagram app.”


And have a look to the hilarious and fun films to accompany the campaign https://adsoftheworld.com/media/integrated/instagram_stories_are_everywhere




I hate Brainstorming

Since few weeks (and mostly ignited by a statement from Sir John Hegarty), brainstorming was living quite a tough time to still be considered as a valuable tool to create ideas. As for all the toolkit, the issue is not the brainstorming as a discipline but the way you implement it.

As an Alumni Coach in IDEO (helping, supporting and empowering hundreds of people around the world to develop their ideas and solve their business issues), I just wanted to remind the 7 rules that we use each time we get involved in a session. Good stuff


Over at IDEO U, the firm’s online school for design thinking, they’ve gone a little deeper on how to be the most effective with brainstorming. This video they made does a good job showing how their techniques work in action:


This is not what it is but what you make of it. And you need to adapt your needs and expectations. Brainstorming is just a canvas…you are the enabler.

Make an Effort

Sometimes, a brand has to make some effort to make sure that his communication strategy matches its products…Well, you know what I mean.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I’m really happy that ‘Territory’ the second short film by French duo The Blaze got a Grand Prix in Cannes. Cocorico. It’s a magical piece of work, small output of songs and videos have focused on moments of intensity and intimacy between men. But it’s also just a cleverly executed moment of sound and film working in unison. The elusive duo’s attention to detail has made fans out of everyone. But then comes the conservative adman point of view that wonders why a short movie, as good as it can be, can be a Grand Prix Film Craft in Cannes Lions. We’re not in advertising…well, who cares? But the festival must clarify the directions it wants to take for the future.