Storytelling of the Week XXXXI

After hacking our movies preference, great serial writers are getting into communication and brand content. The team from ‘the Simpsons’ started to get it right with 2 different projects – one in France for Greenpeace and one for Starbucks

In France, they constructed a parody of political debate to underline the importance of the topic of climate change. If you understand French and are interested about French politics, you will get the accuracy of this short movie.


For Starbucks, plenty of people pecking away on laptops in coffee shops wonder how they might turn the hours they spend observing the scene around them into something. Now, three writers on “The Simpsons” have done just that, as Starbucks will being running an online animated series they conceived while sitting, of course, in a Starbucks. The idea for the series, “1st & Main,” comes from Joel Cohen, John Frink and Rob LaZebnik, who have worked on “The Simpsons” for years. The idea was sparked when they would log onto the internet at the shop and see the page that pops up with content from Starbucks.


And yes, Chloe is a great name 😉


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