The Beautiful People

Beyond being knockout gorgeous, the model Emily Ratajkowski   has a gift for the incisive. Kim Kardashian was blamed to make nude selfies (well, she is getting more blamed now to have spread her wealth…and she might have paid this heavily with the robbery in Paris), Ratajkowski joined Kim for a double-middle-finger topless selfie that spread around the world. She wrote about the trials of early adolescence for Lena Dunham; and in an interview that’s now buzzing about the internet, she dishes on how her looks have shaped her life in “an interesting paradox.”


In news to no one who was awkward in high school (or beyond), hot people tend to be super confident. Mobius and Rosenblat chalk this up to a self-fulfilling prophecy that will have been at work since kindergarten — teachers expect cute kids to do well (thanks to above-mentioned halo effect), so they give them more attention than ugly kids. With that attention comes better grades, more confidence, and greater comfort with public display. But not everything is in the hots’ favor. Other research has shown that people placed in the role of hiring managers or admissions officers give lower marks to people of the same sex that they feel are more attractive than they are. As Columbia psychologist Heidi Grant Halverson quips in her book ‘No One Understands You and What to Do About It’, nobody says to themselves, “I’m threatened by this person, so there is no way I’m hiring this applicant,” but that’s exactly what happens.

As Beyonce says ‘Pretty hurts’. That’s just what it does.


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