Storytelling of the Week XXIX

In Cuba, the bats are actually a sign of good luck, at least according to Bacardi. That is especially true for the Cuban-born rum brand. The bat remains the brand’s icon to this day — and is about to get some new love in the rum’s latest global ad campaign by BBDO New York called “We Are the Night.” A TV spot, shot by Miche Gondry,features humans as the main characters. But the spot ends with some bats flying right at the viewer before Bacardi’s bat icon appears prominently on screen.

Bacardi will “use our icon in a much stronger way,” said Mauricio Vergara, Bacardi’s chief marketing officer for North America and the global lead for the Bacardi rum brand. In print and digital ads the bat will be “up and center,” he added. And “there may be executions where you don’t see people at all — it’s all about just having the statement that ‘we are the night’. The TV ad portrays what Bacardi refers to as “nighttime archetypes,” representing how different people party. The labels include “glow gals,” which symbolize social-media obsessed revelers; “midnight feasters,” who crave late-night meals; and “last train sprinters” — those people who stay out as late as possible and inevitably have to run down the last train home.






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