Storytelling I – Cannes Lions 2016

In the next few weeks, I will be talking about the campaigns that not only did perform great in the ranking and winning major awards but also that are proposing really interesting and disruptive ways to run advertising – actually, they all tap in something that is beyond advertising and this the right way to go.

‘Call a Swede’ is a great idea to bring people in the know of Sweden hospitality. If you live outside Sweden, you may not know a whole lot about the Nordic country. If you’re willing to learn, however, Sweden now has a phone number that you can call to be connected to a random Swede and ask questions. The Swedish Tourism Board set up a phone number for to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sweden becoming the first country to abolish censorship. In the spirit of openness, the country is opening its phone lines to strangers who are curious about the country. When you call the number, someone from Sweden who has the corresponding app on their phone will get your call. When you create a strong idea is delivered by the whole population of a country…


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