Storytelling of the Week XVII

The SCA sanitary wear brand’s new “Red.Fit” campaign intends to educate consumers about the menstrual cycle and its effect on women during exercise.

Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, the campaign is being backed by sports organisations such as the England and Wales Cricket Board and The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health.

The 70-second ad is replete with women getting into scrapes during sport, such as runners falling over and boxers being hit in the face, while a ballet dancer’s bleeding toes make for equally uncomfortable viewing. The ads ends with the tagline, “No blood should hold us back”, before displaying the Bodyform logo next to the brand’s slogan “live fearless”.

Nicola Coronado, the marketing director at Bodyform, said: “Menstruation really is ‘the last taboo’ for women in sport, simply because we lack knowledge and understanding of this subject area. So they came up with this (master)piece of work that stress the issues and excites the emotions. A divine prouesse in a tough and dull category.


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