Storytelling of the Week XII

With 100 days until the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble debuted the newest installment of its award-winning “Thank You, Mom” campaign by releasing the new video, “Strong.”

The critically acclaimed films from P&G’s previous Olympic Games campaigns, ‘Pick Them Back Up’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Best Job’, are among the most viewed Olympic Games videos of all time and “Strong” builds on that tradition of storytelling, with a fresh new take on the pivotal role moms play in their kids’ lives.

“Strong” explores the simple human truth that the daily courage moms show echoes at critical times throughout their kids’ lives. And you have to be strong to succeed in this fast-paced and challenging world – not only for future athletes.

But behind a great communication platform, there is always some weird people (or let’s say funny) that will always bring up the father’s role in the education of the children. Yep, let’s have a look to the funniest one – the others seem pathetic. We have to believe that a successful and insightful campaigns have always some people to say something about it. The best success is to be at the center of discussions.



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