Facebook Kills

Latest study (end of 2015) has revealed the full extent of the compulsive and secrets habits of Facebook users. Out of 2,000 respondents, 56% claimed they use Facebook compulsively and 68% of them were worried by their inability to control the urge to check their Facebook. It seems that there is no barrier too great nor too high to stop them. Many have admitted to disappearing to the toilet during a dinner date to check their Facebook page or comment on or like a post.


Many users now feel obliged to check every new post. Yet such is the volume of new posts that it can require extraordinary amounts of time to get through them all. As such, many users are resorting to multi-tasking. Checking Facebook while undertaking other tasks, such as interacting with a pet, watching a film or while taking a bath, is now becoming routine.

However, what does this mean for our need to switch off and recharge. If we are faced with the constant need to check Facebook and ensure that our private lives are public, are we preventing ourselves from having enough ‘me time’. Are we are at greater risk of Facebook burn out? Or are the lengths that people go to update their Facebook page show a new digital resilience, a new way of living our lives?

Decide for yourselves by checking out the full results of the Facebook addiction survey in the infographic below. The results may well surprise you.



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