Storytelling of the Week IV

Procter&Gamble made the news this week with a new copy from BBDO in India. It highlights the importance for men to be an active part of the household daily duty and not to leave all that to the women. That’s powerful, genuine, emotional…But something bitter stays afterwards. Since when we need the commercials of brands to understand and value what should be part of the educational and behavioural background. Since when the #1 detergent in the world should give me the clue how to behave at home.

I’m still amazed that these values cannot be taught by our parents, by our families, by our friends. No, instead, it’s brought back to our lives by a commercial brand. Even if I think this is great to remind some simple things like that, I feel uncomfortable that a brand has to underline it and use it in a commercial. And tell me what would be the link between the idea and the product – I understand the P&G campaign about moms, related to care, but here…no clue.


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