Storytelling of the Week II

Who missed the last OK Go video clip, shot in zero gravity environment, in a real plane? This new piece of work follows again their expectation for creativity, unique approach and obviously the magic of the sequence shot. And it continues to redefine the rules of brand content as each piece of work is developed with a brand – this time, the Russian airlines S7.

We can challenge the logic of being partnered all the time, mostly because it does not really fit to the brand – the brand involvement is mostly technical, not really involved in the storytelling (can be any other airline or even another brand), it does not build on the brand positioning ‘Fly to Anywhere you can Imagine’ (created by W+K Amsterdam) and we can believe that shooting while a plane is falling is not really pleasing the people with fear of flying. And again, nobody remembers the track…Apart of that, this is a great piece of content. As always.


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