Storytelling of the Week I

The automaker Audi, owned by Volkswagen, is returning to the Super Bowl after a one-year break with a precious Super Bowl 2016 airtime. And this is coming with one of their best and advanced models – Audi R8

Audi Logo

The Audi Super Bowl 50 ad is called “The Commander” and it will make one of the ads of the Big Game (emotionally speaking). The commercial weaves a story, introducing us to a former astronaut who has lost interest in life. That is until his son lets him go for a drive in the new (and powerful) Audi R8.

But the most important stays somewhere else, the tribute to David Bowie with his beautiful “Starman” as the soundtrack and only few weeks after the world-acclaimed singer and actor passed away.

We could have expected something more remarkable but some Super Bowl criteria are definitely ticked – emotion, patriotism, nostalgia, simplicity, culturally relevant. Let’s leave humor and celebrities to the other brands. I don’t know why, something is missing there for me, it does not make a Super Bowl ad too much. I don’t buy the banality of the insight (something like ‘find again your excitement in life’ – too generic) or the lack of real inspiring acting. Though, a lot of people called it already ‘The Ad of the Super Bowl 2016. Well, the competition is harsh…


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