Like most of the advertisers, I was surprised, even amused to see a new category in Cannes Lions Festival about Innovation and Creative Data. How could we be able to marry both fields under the same expression?

Senior marketers have tabbed data-driven marketing as the next key to ensuring success in content marketing. According to a study from Forbes Insights, 60% of marketers surveyed believe that data-driven marketing is crucial to profitability, while 54 percent saw the same relationship between data-driven marketing and sales. While these findings may seem like little more than common sense, what is much more interesting is that almost half of those surveyed (48%) also found that using data-driven marketing actually improved their creative quality as well. At first glance, this report may seem to be counterintuitive. There would appear to be a natural disconnect between the cold and rigid numbers of data analytics and the free flowing creative spirit. These two fields, it would seem, operate in completely different fields and are meant to be totally independent of one another.

In actuality, however, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, marrying data analytics and data-driven marketing with creative content is the key to increased success for content marketers in the 21st century. Data analytics give marketers vital insights into how well a message resonates with its intended audience, allowing marketers to pinpoint both successful elements and areas where goals were not met.

Creative Data

Smart content marketers can use these data analytics to make tweaks to their creative campaigns. In this way, the creative and data sides of a content marketing agency can work together to create content that helps to best achieve their goals. This practice is already beginning to catch on, with two out of three marketers surveyed by Forbes reporting that they currently use audience data to help mold their creative content into a more effective tool. The increased data collection and processing methods that content marketers have access to give them more information about their audience than ever before. The best content marketers will be able to leverage that information into more targeted and effective creative content.

As we continue to consider data as a commodity and creative as an inspiration, we can definitely state that both of them should work in the same direction to create better experiences for the consumers. Then, the only question that is still in my mind is about the expression ‘Creative Data’. Maybe we should find a better expression to make it clear for everybody.


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