The Wrong Focus

We’ve all been through those motivational articles like ‘Focus on your Strengths and you’ll be Successful’, ‘Pay attention to the Most Important’ or ‘Target your Dreams and You may Achieve Them’. Of course, everybody praises the power of unidirectional attention as it streamlines the way we run our lives, we develop our business, we navigate our brands and even we organize our private life. But attention is something that I may consider important but dangerous. Because it leads all of us to take care about one or a limited number of things. This is reassuring, this is sometimes rewarding and it’s obviously simplifying our decision-making processes.


But we all know that our lives or our objectives are not so simple. Focus is a notion that may be positive and absolutely necessary but does not exist anymore. In our fast-paced world, in our ever-changing context, it would be a mistake to point only on couple of things. All our decisions are integrated. When you decide to get your attention on one aspect of your brands, you know it will change all the components of what makes your brand. Forgetting, delaying or just putting apart some elements would create some biased directions or decisions and would definitely harm your final objectives. Too much focus would lead you to wrong conclusions, that’s a fact.

A lot of articles were mentioning so-called focus strategies but in a world where everything is connected and influencing each other, it would be a lack of attention not to understand it. I think this video with Apollo Robbins, the most famous pickpocket in the world. is trying to make this point with a lot of fun. Watch your belongings if you’re too focused.


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