Another Reality

We all remember breathtaking moments in our life when our senses were challenged by new technologies. From Michael Jackson appearing as a hologram in a Billboard Music Awards (without mentioning Tupac earlier on) to Pepsi giving a crazy cinematographic mood to a bus stop in London, a lot of content created some of the most viral images that we came to see in the last few months. And those pieces of entertainment or brand content are just the first steps of unimaginable things about to come , things that will just blow our minds through many formats.

Maybe, what become the most impressive computerized experience that we can see lies in Virtual Reality (VR) that gets closer to us thanks to the Oculus Rift that generated quickly a great excitement across the world. And this technology is closer to our home than ever. Oculus Rift is becoming a definite vision of what our experiences might be soon. The investment from Facebook is no stranger to the wish of connecting people around the globe virtually. And with the help of the genius minds hired from Pixar and Story Studio, the developers are planning to step strongly into the film industry. It’s spreading to some other spheres. And it’s getting democratized to seduce a maximum of people.

But, all the marketers still believe that the relatively quiet rise of augmented reality, through wearables and devices, may change our environment in a more meaningful way and would have definitely more impact with the consumers. The explanation of the growing success is  grounded in a basic human need after all – with AR, people are still hooked to the real world, to their own reality, to what they live and what they believe in.

When Google failed with its Google Glass, it was a certain proof that AR has already developed well beyond its initial aims. It’s becoming obvious that the real revolution will come from solutions that will make you be able to perform daily tasks while interacting with metaphysical entities. In a scale we cannot imagine yet. And it’s undeniable that consumers need a shared reality to relate to, this is their anchor to continue being a society. And it goes much deeper than a great but snap experience that you can experience through some advanced but exclusive devices. As much as the wow effect can be angled by VR, we all need to source our references to a world we can share and experience together. In that case AR will be more appropriate for the brands to develop their meaning-based messages and get accepted by the people.

Because, would it be augmented or virtual, the people’s reality is always the beginning of all the good and convincing stories they want to be part of.


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