Donald Trump – Perfect Summer Brand

Donald Trump is performing; this is not an understatement. Because Trump is the perfect brand or product that everybody wants to enjoy during the summer time. He is just the perfect offer that everybody wants to buy into. The list is long and far to be exhaustive

America Great Again

Limited Edition

Donald Trump is one of a kind. His statements are making the headlines and we cannot say that there is a similar candidate that can compete with him in terms of promise. He can’t be bought, that is a big difference. He is not a politician, he is a businessman. This is business, man. Buy it as you’ll never find something similar before a while. Donald Trump might be considered as a ‘breathe of fresh air’.

Now or Never

He joked about holding the 2016 election early. “I’d like to have the election tomorrow,” Trump said. “I don’t want to wait.” Like a coupon for a fast food chain, a free smoothie for the purchase of a delicious combo or a discount for an attraction park, Donald is delivering everything here and now. You should not wait more to see everything. Get to it now.

Celebrity Factor

He’s a rich celebrity. “Trump is the personification of a 21st-century America fascinated by the super rich and obsessed with celebrity,” James Pindell wrote in the Globe’s Friday story. It’s not just that Trump’s ceaseless self-promotion and his role on “The Apprentice” have created a level of name recognition that his rivals can’t hope to match. He is just perfect to reach high awareness quickly and hit the shelves for a rapid success in retail.


Donald is, first, a great entertainer but he is able to take advantage of a number of dynamics in American politics as they exist right now. Having dismissed his candidacy, poked fun at him, and portrayed him (with every justification) as a draft-dodging, racist, sexist huckster, the campaign press is now paying him the ultimate compliment and taking him seriously. He is delivering a punch line almost everyday; he is the perfect content provider to make you laugh or to shock while you’re enjoying your BBQ near the swimming pool. Like Red Bull or Pepsi making a bit of provocation during the hot period, Donald Trump is not disappointing anybody so far.

Summer Merchandising

‘Make America Great Again’ is the slogan. Every candidate has one. That’s no surprise. But you can buy any kind of summer apparel to make your summer unforgettable – hats, caps, T-shirts…We understand clearly the purpose from a brand that needs to monetise its values but again, summer is just perfect to treat yourself with something fun you’ll keep in your clothing closet for a couple of years. That would be certainly a ‘vintage’ exclusive thing that you’ll find in garage sale in a couple of years. Donal Trump is a clothing brand as well

Make America

For all the family

His declarations about…everything will please everybody. Or almost. There is a piece for any kind of voters or citizens. We want to think that he is polarizing the American society but, actually, he is creating a sort of super glue between them, even the ones that would not think to have anything in common. He is the guy that you love to hate…and all the family is in.


He might be a summer diversion, a special July offer or something else. Asked about Trump’s performance in the televised debate and his subsequent comments about Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton said, “It’s all entertainment. I think he’s having the time of his life, being up on that stage, saying whatever he wants to say.”

His appeal will fade, maybe…If not, you’ll find out how marketing will shape him out for the ‘back to school’ period.



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