Straight to the Future

Back in 2014, the world was duped into thinking the dream of one day owning a functional hover board would come true. Everybody wanted to experience finally the mythical Marty McFly device – straight from ‘Back to the Future’. Many pranks popped up making this wish even closer to reality each time some videos were issued. Some celebrities, artists and athletes try to convince everyone this revolutionary form of transportation was real. But it was all fake. Until now.


Luxury automaker Lexus is proving real, fully-functional hover boards can be true. The new product is called the SLIDE and everybody saw the videos related to the first live experiences. If you want information about SLIDE, go the official website . But then, a friend of mine asked me this simple question, as I used to work for Lexus many years ago – ‘Why the heck Lexus automotive brand is interested to grab some attention about this invention that obviously still get some limits?’ I answered randomly a couple of things, trying to look clever.

  • Creating SLIDE required re-engineering core technologies and uncovering true technical innovations. From assembling maglev technology into a board, to finding the right combination of superconductors, magnets and liquid nitrogen — every step pushed the team to stretch the possibilities of technology. It’s obviously a technology that will shape the future of automotive business, using some frictionless transportation (we saw already a train in Japan based on the same technology)
  • To some extent, Lexus gets back to owning innovation and fine-art technology again on the market. Well, Tesla stole that role in the automotive market in the last few years. And I’m not even listing the other brands in other ruling categories. It puts Lexus back in the game.
  • The automotive market is suffering at the moment. This series of video can help the brands to divert attention and show that they’re still pushing the envelope in the sake of shaping the future of their business. It’s a call to say that they will not surrender under the moroseness of the markets. And what a great idea to get to the entertainment field and show it in a fun way. Obviously the young target is getting amused and engaged.
  • The most accurate reason is their launch of their ‘Amazing in Motion’. It would have been a pity to launch that new communication platform showing cars and stirring wheels. Good move on this one. Really attractive. Well done CHI & Partners.

So, yes, the technology is not convincing 100%. But who cares? Lexus did the branded content campaign of this month. Unless you prefer the Surfbike from DC Shoes…


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