All the same…

Again, like a never ending story, we see people reacting to an ad that seems not to portray the reality. Yes, they’re right. Most of the ads are saying the truth but it’s not showing the reality. Blame it on Photoshop, post-production, color correction and even storytelling. But, let’s discuss further. In our today case, a Bugaboo post on social media today is provoking reactions beyond understanding. A young mom, who is actually model, running half-naked, behind her 2-yo baby. How weird…


We have to be totally honest. Despite the fact that some ads might go too far in perfecting their imagery, who wants to really see their daily life or their own self in a message aimed to excite and engage them? Just give me one example of a great campaign that was showing the strict reality – name one. Are we ready to see your everyday simple life getting into the worlds of brands that are trying to make you dream? Do you really want to see the ordinary stepping into your consumers’ wishes and expectations. People, just for you to know, even Dove campaign are not reality. They just taste like reality. I think that it would be a mistake to show what surrounds you already – stricto sensu. A really big mistake for the brands…but also for you, the consumers.

Because communication just has to continue to enjoy this power to make you disconnect from what reality is. Because nobody wants to buy a product out of a boring informercial, with your neighbours as main actors (you’ll tell me that Tupperware and Oriflamme is based on that…not really in their communication through mass media). Brands have the obligation to entertain us, to make us think different, to make us smile and dream about something better. That’s why advertising is so interesting and that people are still watching it. As much as we have to show the intrinsic truth out of the visuals we propose to the people, we have to make it outstanding from our routine (let’s be honest, even our Facebook page is a big lie…). We have to show a better world but by choosing diversity, difference, eccentricity or…

Of course, we have to clear some limits to it. Please, let’s not show always the same faces that are accepted by the masses. It will make all communications tasting the same. We have to celebrate differences, imperfections, irony but always in the objective to stand out and be honest with the consumer. This Tumblr will explain it all

We are all different, we are all the same. Just a question of balance. But the most important, let it be outstanding.


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