Innovation for Beginners


In his book ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolutions’, Thomas Kuhn argued that the people who achieve “fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have either been very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change.”. When it comes to new ideas, to innovation, your company or your project might be disabled by experience specialisation or group thinking pattern.

This extract (slightly modified) from Fast Company says it all, as everybody or each company is pursuing innovation putting their best and proven elements on the subject. Thinking that it is highly valuable for the development of the organisation, you just dare to put your best agents on the mission. They will be certainly be too tied to what already has been done or what they achieved themselves, that it would be clear that fresh ideas will just be a transformation of the old ones, that your innovation will spin into circles.

If you want your organisation to get innovative, put your interns on it. Put your young people that will not be spoiled by a certain orthodoxy or rules of the existing environment. We often say that the most innovative people are children. It certainly is. Maybe, just after them, the most innovative people are the outcasts. They don’t care and will invent what is really useful. Like Tyler Durden.

You have to forget everything you know. You have to be disrespectful. To be innovative, you have to be a beginner again.


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