Believe it or not

Young Adult Old

Since couple of weeks, this image is appearing around the different social media platforms. And we all tend to believe in it, this the power of common knowledge. This is a snapshot of what we’ve seen or at least we thought we’ve seen around since ever. This is what is accepted by most of the people, this is part of some common denominator that glues our culture. But should we use this simple conclusions as a base for thinking? Because we all know what’s happening now might be slightly different.

– Young people in many countries enjoy comfortable income or ‘bank accounts’. Golden youth exists around the world. I was talking with some friends lately about how cool was the student parking lot at their university (Jaguar, Bentley…) compared to the teachers’ one . And what about the precocity of start-uppers, selling their unicorns for millions of dollars? Or those students spoiled by their wealthy parents to make them feel at ease about their future. We can talk about the brands that are proposing more options for cheap and cheerful experiences to the young audience. Experience is the new currency, so what is about being poor from our stand point?

– More and more adults decide to downshift to have more time with their family, they decide to allocate more time for their hobbies, sometimes declining some juicy job offers to continue to enjoy their passion. The balance work/life is centric to all discussions about management and well-being. It seems that this is a jigsaw for many managers and obviously on of the favorite subjects of Harvard Business Review.

– We live longer and in a better shape. The quality of life, of nutrition in parallel with the progress in medicine create a new paradigm for senior people. We see a flourishing industry dedicated to them in many fields like food, tourism, real estate…We’ve never seen so many opportunities to make them feel energetic and positive. Not mentioning all those videos of dancing, singing, sport-addicted senior people that are portrayed in some entertainment programs on TV.

We all agree with this visual because we’ve been taught to believe so, we’ve been directed to understand life like that. Because it might be simpler or more straight-forward. Nobody would argue with it. But we all agree as well that this is far to be the reality we’re living in.


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