Plastic Memories

Funny how the same object or product can be perceived in different ways through multiple cultures  or ethnographic contexts. Let’s take a simple example – plastic bags.

Let’s evaluate one side of it. Hawaii is the first state to completely ban plastic bags. That’s a big change, all for good, not to see images like this one. See more information here and it all makes sense. Complete sense when you see the challenges we’re facing in climate changes and pollution over the world. Everybody would congratulate each other hearing this evolution of mentality to be able to solve issues of our modern era.


Interesting enough, if you have a look to Russia, plastic bags are still important…and even, part of the culture to its essence. In one sentence ‘Plastic bags should be stylish’. They became an accessory that most of people can’t go out without, an element that should match your mood or your outfit. You see everyday people that handle some used plastic bags, mostly in the public transport or walking to work. Even some funny design/style can appear with some mistakes in English or in French (the two more representative languages in this alternative fashion movement) or with some akward articulation like (Boucheronne – Paris – Morocco / I would say that this creative). Though, I’ve heard some people were archiving their plastic bags by color or by style. You can’t make a taste misjudgement here.

If you look at these 2 trends, you would say that they’re completely opposite to each other. But look closer, it might not be so certain. The objective is to use less plastic and to have the people not throwing the bags that they get everyday in shops or shopping malls. On one case, we deprive the consumers from them, on the other case, we have to make them resistant and beautiful to be used in a long-term. Let’s reflect on it, that makes sense even if far-stretched. Actually, those 2 trends are fighting the same issue. And in a very different way.

Make it beautiful or get rid of it.


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