Social Media – Good Conscience of a Lazy Era

When things must be expressed, when tough decisions are at stake, when brave acts must be celebrated, we don’t react the same way as 10 or even 5 years ago. Instead of taking our most expressive and militant side to the public place, we do something that might take 30 seconds (for the less specialists of us). We change our profile picture on social media.


From ‘Je suis Charlie’ to the gay marriage celebration recently, people get seriously distant with the causes they want to stand up and fight for. In a world of constant challenge and inevitable degradation, the most active act is too gimmick some pictures of yourself. As if you were at the epicenter of the question or if you were using your personal page as a symbol of revendication.

I was just thinking that we deserve the world we live in – we’re getting superficial, ego-centric and naive. And we know the risks to point out things, simply at the surface. By doing that, we just whisper quietly what we believe in but nobody really listens. We can do better than that. Much better.


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