Flip Thinking about Cannes Lions

For every trend, there is another trend that is delivering the exact opposite thought. For each idea, there is always a person that will convince you that it may not work because truth lies in another direction. For each action, there is a bunch of people that will say that this is the wrong way to go. We talk here about ‘flip thinking’ which was popularised by Dan Pink and shows that actually for each truth, there is the opposite thinking to consider. Interesting when it comes to the biggest gathering of creative people in the world, Cannes Lions festival.

Thousand of ideas and campaigns are presented there, hundreds of agencies expose themselves to the international juries, a lot of speakers will get on the stage to give points of view, a lot of conversations will happen around topics, always trying to bring sense or purpose to the ever-changing creative industry. And like every year, there will be some lovers and some haters. And this is what this festival is about. We love this gathering because we can criticise it by exposing our own opposite point of view.

The best agencies are going to show their work and inspire thousands of attendees but the winners will always be the same like every year. A lot of social work will be presented but they’re all fake, they don’t try to solve any issue but will give credits to creative teams and agencies. The most famous speakers will get the mic to explain how they see things but they all say the same and their thoughts will only be beneficial to junior people. A lot of awards will be given but if you come from a small country, you have less chances to be noticed.

Enjoy some controversial content http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2015/jun/08/cannes-lions-advertising-festival-disconnect-consumer-technology?CMP=share_btn_fb

Cannes Lions festival is the occasion for people to disagree, to argue, to bring up old jealousy, to have some animated discussions at the terrace of the Carlton or the Martinez…but at the end, it’s a great opportunity to talk about ideas. Whatever they are.

That’s why I will be there like every year. I just want to be part of those discussions.


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