Level Up…Level Down

I just understood something today that might be ridiculous but says a lot about our curiosity and maybe our will to break the routine or getting to different understandings on what we’re doing. I live in flats since ever…I live in buildings and most of the time, until then, not difficult to understand. And, believe it or not, I’ve never been very curious or intrigued about having a look to the other floors would it be on top or down to my floor, I’ve never had a reason to do it and I’ve never allowed myself any spare time to do so. The staircase, well, yes…but not the floors entirely. I may have missed a lot – a different decoration in the corridor, some different styles of doors, another view or another perspective from some windows… I am just wondering if it’s not the same in life (work, family, projects…). We rarely try or dare to level up or level down just for few minutes, few days or more, just like that, for no reason. Maybe we would understand better the big picture or we would understand what it would be to go to more details or to something we don’t know very well. And fore sure, we would understand better where we live and why we believe that’s worth it.


Again, this metaphor seems to be another raw intent to sound clever but it’s all about truth…we’re not investigating enough about the simple things or leads that are surrounding us.


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