We Are the 99%

We all love great success stories. But the way we evaluate them as really successful might change in the next few years as we don’t want to be surrounded by frustrated people. Let me explain all this.

Apple is the most powerful brand in the world with an impressive record of revenue. Game of Thrones became an incredible franchise that is gathering billions of dollars around the world. We could see the first big digital deal, few years back, when Google initiated its $1,65 billion acquisition of YouTube. The entertainment royals Jay Z-Beyonce are proving that music is a business to take seriously. Instagram became another fantastic unicorn not a long time ago. Barack Obama achieved to be the first black-american to be President of the United States. And the list goes on…

What is wrong with that? Why are we getting frustrated about it? Why don’t we take our chance to make things incredible for us? Because it’s tough, because it’s hard, because it’s demanding, because…Steve Tobak says few words about it http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246585


Just follow your passion, follow what is worth for you. Let’s dream and achieve more than we ever expected.We are the 99%. And it’s OK…because we can always reach the 1% if we want it. But, more important, we just want to make things great. We want to change the world.


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